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The first stretch of street that I became accustomed with in London.


A vintage 1940s Kodachrome of Shaftesbury Avenue, London, which runs from Piccadilly Circus to New Oxford Street and crosses Charing Cross Road (image

Shame? Fear? Overwhelmed?

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London, as seen from an aeroplane. (

London, as seen from an aeroplane. (

2011: A Year in Pictures


Dan Kitwood—Getty Images

LightBox has compiled this yearbook for 2011, literally picking a photo for each day of this astonishing year. It is a remarkable memorial to its high and low points, to agony and to exhilaration. But let the pictures speak for themselves. See more here.

Picture of the DayClaire Felicie’s series of portraits of Marines before, during and after their tours of duty in Afghanistan are touching and powerful. Above are Jasper, Age 21 and Luke, Age 25. Visit her website to see more of her photography of Marines in Afghanistan, especially her series of portraits of them holding their lucky charms. Also check out the Lens Culture post on this series.

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Amazeballs. I haven’t seen a lightning bug in…decades, I think. It seems I chased them every summer while growing up in Texas.

snowce: Steve Irvine, One hour of firefly activity in rural Ontario

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Jake Shears

Jake Shears

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Fantastically creative.

Over the past 40 years, Arno Rafael Minkkinen has photographed himself in a variety of scenarios: sometimes curled up on a sandy beach, other times dangling off the edge of a cliff, always naked as the day he was born. See more here

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