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i'm an editor, news junkie, trivia hound, lol'er, tea fiend and amateur chef, as well as fan of the quirky and obscure. and while i don't always have much to share about my personal life, i might want to keep record of it when i do.

but this ain't just original stuff from me; far from it. i also enjoy exploring pop culture, the power or failing of journalism, grammar, travel, graphic design, and a wee bit of men's fashion.

don't worry; i'll share it all with you. won't you be part of my -ism?

(warning: it's gonna get gay up in here sometimes, so if that offends you, please, don't follow. there's even going to be some artistic nudity, so...)
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Think Progress made some redneck jokes in honor of Jeff Foxworthy’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. They’re pretty beautiful: 

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